VoteHelp - List Vote Analyser

VoteHelp shows you how many Parliamentary seats you will get at different list-vote percentages.

It does this by using a D'Hondt calculator.

You can enter "play-about" figures and see what the outcomes are. And when opinion-poll data becomes available, you can enter those figures and get a predicted result.

Paste your data into the box, or modify the examples in the edit-boxes (the second box down contains play-data, the third box down contains the 2016 election data).

How split votes would have changed the 2016 results:

South Scotland, with Alba/SNP splits

Glasgow, with Alba/SNP splits

All regions, Alba at 6%

All regions, Alba at 10%

All regions, Alba at 15%

Results from the Panelbase poll-data of 14th April 2021:

Our seat-calculation from the Panelbase data is different from Panelbase's seat-calculation as quoted on Scot Goes Pop:

Our underlying assumptions are no doubt different from theirs:

Panelbase data from Scot Goes Pop, 14th April 2021:


2016 election data:

Format for entering play-data: