Vowel Chart Maker

  • draws your vowel chart as a bitmap
  • works from scripts
  • as few as six keystrokes per vowel
  • choose or omit 'Front...Open...' labels

Vowel Chart Maker Version 1.1a

vowel chart drawing utility

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Vowel Chart Maker

  • uses any font (range of sizes)
  • Unicode and non-Unicode
  • full Sampa keyboard support
  • correctly positions centering diacritics

Right-click the link below, then click 'Save target/link as...':

Try before you buy - free download

  • Needs Windows XP or higher.
  • The downloaded file is called setupvch.exe. Make sure you know where it will be saved (Windows is not always helpful about this)!
  • To install, double-click setupvch.exe after downloading. Installation takes only a few seconds. Then click the desktop icon.
  • Vowel Chart Maker will be installed in the folder C:\VCHART.

There are three ways of buying Vowel Chart Maker:

  • pay an amount of your choice. Think about the value you get out of the package, and pay whatever you consider appropriate.

  • you can get Vowel Chart Maker for free by downloading the Language Engine Reference Vowels and getting it to print you a certificate (click on "Go for it" by the chart). It will take perhaps 20 minutes of your time, but it will confirm your surmise that you can still (or can no longer) recognise Cardinals 1 - 8 and schwa.

  • download any other module of the Language Engine for Pronunciation and get any certificate. You'll need to pay 20 for a Language Engine licence, but you'll learn the phonology of a real language.

All licences are for three years.

Pay cash

Send Language Engine certificate