Accent coaching

If you're an actor, I can:

  • Provide a recording of some or all of your lines, a phonetic transcription, and a demonstration of the key features of the accent. You need to send me a page or two of your script. £40 (£33) for 200 words.

  • Provide one-to-one tuition, face-to-face. (You're strongly advised to look first at my Reference Vowels first.) £24 (£20) per half-hour.

  • Provide a recording, transcription and demonstration of your script as mentioned above, together with five half-hour tuition sessions. This represents a total value of £160. The price for this package is only £120 (£105).
    • Tuition is one-to-one, face-to-face.
    • You don't need to pay me until after the first lesson. If you don't find the lesson useful, you can stop there and owe me nothing; if you continue, it counts as the first of the five.
    • Again, you're advised to look at my Reference Vowels first.

If you're a director, I can:

  • Attend casting sessions, and give an assessment of whether an actor is likely to manage the required accent. £50 per hour.

  • Run a workshop for the whole cast, teaching the required accent. £50 per hour.

  • Attend rehearsal and give notes to the whole cast or to specific actors. £50 per hour.

  • Provide individual tuition to actors as described above.
Prices in brackets are concession prices for unwaged individuals. For directors of not-for-profit theatre, prices are negotiable (those shown are for your guidance)
Contact me now for accent coaching
0845 456 3951 or +44 (0) 141 334 8902
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